A Deep Dive into the Phenom Token (PHNM)

We know there has been a lot of curiosity around the “Tokenomics” of the Phenom Tokens and we thought it would be a good opportunity to create some longer-form content around it. So in this post, we’ll discuss all the particulars of the token and we hope you find it helpful!

Why We Chose to Build on Polygon: Disrupting the Transaction Game for Poker Players

We've been getting asked the question; Why choose to be a crypto-native platform? The answer is simple - we think crypto represents the future of money. We want to build a platform that is future-proof and built for the future of how poker players will transact online. This isn't the first time someone has had this idea. For example, Virtue Poker had the vision of bringing poker to the Ethereum blockchain several years ago. While we admire the vision, the project was faced with numerous challenges as blockchains in their early form simply were not built to handle the high-transaction throughput of an application like online poker.  Today there are options designed to solve these challenges - enter Polygon

The Poker Revolution is coming: Introducing Phenom Poker

The game of poker is a beautiful thing. A mix of skill and luck. Math and psychology. Recreational or professional. A casual social gathering or prestigious tournament for prizes in the tens of millions of dollars. Take your pick.